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My Favorite Photographs of 2015 | Year End Review

There are a million reasons I fall in love with an image.  Honestly, some of MY favorite images are rarely my client’s favorite images. This actually makes sense, because we have different perspectives. I rarely look for the “perfect” perception of a photograph…I do look at lighting, composition, expression and color, but I always go […]

Mom, Dad, Brothers and the Beach | Families

Ah, remember back a few months? When we would spend our free days at the beach enjoying sun, surf, and a warm breeze?  It may be December now, but September wasn’t as long ago as it feels right now.  So enjoy this little break and let it take you back to the beach! It was […]

Family Portraits | It’s all about the love!

The whole purpose of family photos is to create an image that will forever show the special dynamic and connection that each family has within itself.  There are so many little intricacies between dad and the youngest, and mom and the oldest, and big brother and little sister.  The way sis giggles at everything brother […]

Girls Just Want to Have Fun! | New York Childrens Photographer

I was a little giddy about this shoot! Little girls love to play dress up and pose, and that sounded like the perfect photoshoot to me! Little Miss “A” and I went to town with the dress-up and posing, and we captured every part of her personality. She had lots of sass, playfulness, and sweetness, […]

Mom and Daughter | Families | Long Beach Photos

These two.  I could follow them around and photograph their sweet playful relationship all day long! There is always something about the bond between a mama and her daughter.  My time with them is never short of giggles and good times. They chose coordinating blues, white and cream outfits, and it sure matched the gorgeous […]

Family of Three Portraits | Northport Family Photographer

Family of Three Portraits | Northport Family Photographer Connection. True connection, human connection. It’s what we all crave in our technology-driven age, and it’s something I hold so dear as I do family portraits. A pretty photograph of your family is a wonderful thing to have, but when I can infuse natural connection between the subjects, […]

Style and Choosing a Long Island Family Photographer

Three Generations | Families

When kids grow up, move away, and begin families of their own, it can become very difficult to get quality time together. However, I can share from personal experience that the distance makes the time you do get together so meaningful and valuable. I recently met this lovely family, who wanted to mark their coming-together […]

Oceanside In Home Newborn Family Session

Oceanside In Home Newborn Family Session