The whole purpose of family photos is to create an image that will forever show the special dynamic and connection that each family has within itself.  There are so many little intricacies between dad and the youngest, and mom and the oldest, and big brother and little sister.  The way sis giggles at everything brother says, and the look in brother’s eyes when he looks up to dad and the joy in mom’s eyes when everyone is together…  It’s a beautiful thing to provide imagery that documents these little things that mean so much now and for years to come.

This good looking family is what Christmas dreams are made of! With their cheery and classic outfits, they look like the cover of a magazine, don’t they? Not only were they sweet, they just looked beautiful in every single photo! I don’t think I could ever choose a favorite. I think these would be just perfect on a canvas or a gallery print as well. The siblings were just as precious together as they were as a family unit…they truly love each other, and it wasn’t just a “show” for the portraits. I feel so lucky to get to document these amazing families. Please call me today to schedule your own family shoot…you’ll be so glad you did!


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