When it comes to family photos, well, it truly us about LOCATION. A great option for many of my families is a cute downtown area. This kind of setting gives many different opportunities for various textures and backgrounds. There are tons of different colors and settings which add tons of visual interest to the photos you’ll eventually be hanging in your home! Another aspect to the success of this type of setting is that it gives the family a real opportunity to be themselves in a natural way, doing the same things they’d really be doing in a day-to-day situation. I’m all about capturing that kind of connection and family dynamic…it really does make the best family photos!

We had such a fabulous time with this wonderful family. It honestly felt like we were just spending a regular day together, doing window shopping and grabbing lunch! Little girl “R” has a darling giggle and a smile to match. I loved watching mom and dad dote on their pride and joy, and we rounded every corner searching for another great photo background! The fur and ankle boots that mom and daughter wore were just so perfect and fun! These show off their great personalities and that they genuinely love being together.

Is there a place where your family loves being together? Maybe it’s downtown, maybe it’s your very own backyard. If you are considering a family shoot, please let me know and let’s make it happen! Now is the time to schedule a shoot…little ones don’t stay little long. Document these precious days, even if they feel like “regular” days…someday you’ll wish you had these photos!


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