Three Great Mother’s Day Photo Gifts that She Will Love

Three great mother's day photo gifts that she will love may 14 2023

Birthday Studio Portraits Long Island

Listen, sometimes you just need to put on a pink fairy dress and lay in a bed of flowers, ok?  A girl after my own heart!  She and I are on the same wavelength.   It was her birthday, and mom wanted to do something fun to celebrate her as well as document who she is […]

Studio Portraits for Sixteenth Birthday

It’s so very important to take time to acknowledge and celebrate life as it happens.  I have a very distinct memory of being somewhere when I was 16 and an “older” lady ( she was probably younger then than I am now) going on about enjoying your youth and being happy because time passes and then […]

Big Sister’s Third Birthday

This is the second time this cute little gal and I have gotten to celebrate her birthday with gorgeous photos. But this year was extra special and important, because it was the year she became a big sister to twin little brothers. As you can imagine, twins occupy quite a lot of mom’s time, so […]

Birthday Photoshoot: Happy 30th!

You know what I love? When strong, empowered women celebrate themselves, for any reason! It’s so easy to forget to high five ourselves and give ourselves a shout out for any little or big thing. Girls, please remember how great you are outside of being a daughter, a mom, a friend, a wife, an employee, a […]

Little Family Trio at the Park

There is something happy and content about a bustling young family. They have energy and joy, and are excited about the future. I get such joy watching mom and dad dote on their little girl, and I remember well that feeling of purpose and wonder that comes with loving a sweet baby that changes your […]

Sweet Sixteen Session

I have a very vivid memory of when I turned sixteen, and a random lady I met told me to, “Enjoy being sixteen, because you’ll be forty before you know it”. I remember thinking that was such a cheesy, cliche thing to say. Cheesy or not, now I know that the well-meaning lady was totally […]

40th Birthday? No problem!

Turning 40 is something a lot of people joke about. They call it going “over the hill”, and act like it is something terrible. But this gorgeous lady wanted to turn it into a POSITIVE, and show off some serious self-love. This amazing lady is hitting that big 4-0 milestone, and she is thrilled! This […]

Peter Pan First Birthday at The Loft at Bridgeview

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan My kids first birthday parties consisted of a home-made cake by me, and some family members coming over to our house! […]

Sweet Sixteen at Madison Square Garden

The venue certainly isn’t the most important aspect to a great party (it’s really about the guests and the reason you’re there!), but damn, a great one doesn’t hurt! And I have to hand it to this hockey-loving family for celebrating gorgeous Miss C with a Sweet Sixteen she will never forget. We did this […]