There are a million reasons I fall in love with an image.  Honestly, some of MY favorite images are rarely my client’s favorite images. This actually makes sense, because we have different perspectives. I rarely look for the “perfect” perception of a photograph…I do look at lighting, composition, expression and color, but I always go by how it makes me feel. 

An image should evoke real memories, feelings and bring back the emotions of the moment when the photograph was taken. It can also capture the feelings of that season of life…like when a newborn curls their tiny fist, a stolen kiss, or a family playing in the sunshine at the beach. The photos below are some of my favorite images from 2015, and I hope you can feel the happiness and joy in every single photo. I’d sure love to document some of your family’s beauty in 2016…let’s dream something up together.

Sharon10 copyDiane02 Dora01 jackiefriends04 copyEB08 copyLeah33Lorraine15 copyjesstim04 copyChaya02 copyJessTim-501 copyCarrieanne01 copyAyelet01 copy


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