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The best lens to take photos of your kids

best lens to take photos of your kids advice

Light and Bright Family Photos in the Studio

Light and Bright Family Photos in the Studio family of three

Sweet and Simple Family Photos in the Studio

Sweet and Simple Family Photos in the Studio tickles

Playful Family Photos with a Sweet Toddler

Oh gosh. I freaking love these playful family photos with a sweet toddler. It’s one of those times when everything comes together perfectly. For instance, the family is perfection. Mom and dad are so gentle and easy to be around. And baby boy could not be more of a delight. My mom genes were in […]

Leslie’s Ultimate Favorite Photos List of 2022

Long Island Beach Family Photographer red head

Modern Minimalist Family Photos in the Studio

This stunning family has a very special new edition that they wanted to commemorate with bright modern minimalist family photos in the studio that they can display in their home to add warmth and personality to their walls. Since they wanted the clean, minimalist look, this was perfect. I absolutely love the look of neutrals […]

Family beach photos with little boys

Little boys. Need I say more? Whether they are being sweet and cuddly, or running around with wild abandon, little boys kinda-always steal my heart during their sessions. They never fail to bring the energy and fun to a shoot, and when there is more than one? Forget about it, and let’s have some fun! […]

Howard Beach Couples Engagement Session

Here’s a secret: I don’t chase after wedding jobs. That’s honestly been the thing that’s served me well, because the brides and grooms that do find me are special and unique and they’ve crossed my path on purpose. And this cool couple is exactly that.  First of all, they looked amazing  Have I ever told […]

Modern Professional Headshots for Women

You probably feel a little self-conscious in front of a camera.  That is pretty common.  In fact, it’s rare that someone comes into the studio that loves the camera and is at total ease.  Even the really beautiful people! And as a side note, I would say that most people don’t realize how good looking […]

Modern Men’s Real Estate Headshots

Every once in awhile, a client comes in and reminds you that what you do is actually incredibly important. I say on my website that everyone has a story to tell, and that I love being the one to help tell it. Well, this handsome guy came with a story. It’s his story to tell, […]