Dreamy Mommy and Me Maternity Photos in the Studio

The snow is finally melting after the big winter storm we got last week. However, it’s still too cold for an outdoor photo shoot. But you don’t need to worry because I have a cozy studio perfect for portrait sessions for all kinds of occasions. And these dreamy mommy and me maternity photos in the studio are the perfect example.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is fundamental with this portrait session. First we found a minimalist body suite that highlights that scrumptious baby bump. You can find one like it here. Then it was all about the connection of mommy and baby girl. A new baby is a big deal for the whole family, and most tricky for the big sibling. I mean, she is used to having all of everyone’s attention. Soon enough she will have to not only share mom and dad’s attention but take a bit of backseat. I have no doubt that she will love her new baby sibling and handle it like the best big sister ever. And that is why this session is so special.

Quality Time

Mom got to use this time to do two super important things. First, she got to document the most adorable baby bump. Pregnancy feels like forever but really it is such a short time. I was last pregnant 17 years ago so yea, it’s been a minute. But I remember really enjoying pregnancy. I do not have any dreamy photos like this. I am so happy that I get to make these special photos for mother moms.

The second important result is that mom got to make big sis feel special and spend some quality time with her before the arrival. In a matter of weeks, life as she knows it will be upended. In the most beautiful way of course, but completely different from what she has ever known. So to take some time just for her is a wonderful thing. Mom will love these photos for ever and baby girl will continue to love them ever after.

Materinty is just one of the genres of portraits the studio is good for. Check this session out for more ideas.

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