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Three Easy Ways to Display your Favorite Family Photos

Three Easy ways to display your favorite family photos leslie levine photography

The Exposure Triangle made Easy

The Exposure Triangle Made Easy blog

Playful Photos of The Whole Big Family Together

Playful photos of the whole big family together extended family

Lively and Heartfelt Family of Four Photos

Lively and Heartfelt Family of four photos session spotlight

Light and Bright Family Photos in the Studio

Light and Bright Family Photos in the Studio family of three

Sweet and Simple Family Photos in the Studio

Sweet and Simple Family Photos in the Studio tickles

Morning Backyard Family Photos

This dapper, elegant family was celebrating a very special day…their baby girl’s christening. They had to arrive at the church fairly early in the morning, so our session was first thing and the grass was still dewy! Although it was early and a bit chilly, we managed to make it fun and captured some beautiful […]

Great Neck Family of Three Portraits on the Beach

I have been so lucky to be the family photographer for this sweet, lovable family for an amazing seven years. Let me say that again; seven years! That’s what made this special, among other things. I met this beautiful young lady when she was just three years old, and it’s become so meaningful to me […]

Adventure Land Bat Mitzvah Portraits

It’s so important to capture the milestone of a Bat or Bar Mitzvah…it’s a meaningful moment for a young person and for their families. It’s rich with traditional and memories, and often emotional for parents and grandparents to witness something so special. I myself have shed a few tears at these wonderful ceremonies or parties, […]

Family beach photos with little boys

Little boys. Need I say more? Whether they are being sweet and cuddly, or running around with wild abandon, little boys kinda-always steal my heart during their sessions. They never fail to bring the energy and fun to a shoot, and when there is more than one? Forget about it, and let’s have some fun! […]