This session of lively and heartfelt family of four photos were so much fun to make. One of the main points of family portraits is to remember your special family at any specific moment. So even though you want to look great in your photos, it’s most important that your personalities and family dynamic come through in the images.

Thank goodness for tiny humans because they always bring their personalities and that, in turn, makes mom and dad be themselves as well. The kids run around and make faces and hug on each other. Everything a photographer wants!

The location was perfect this particular evening. Lido has this great passive nature area that I love to take clients to. The sun sets perfectly behind the trees to create a really pretty backlight. Plus there are water views, stairs, and pathways for a variety of looks.

All in all it was a very successful session with lots of beautiful images that mom and put on her walls and send to family. And she will have these lively and heartfelt images to remember her kiddos exactly as they are right now. And that is what it is all about. You can see more lively and heartfelt family photos here.

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