Favorite Friday

How adorable is this mommy and her little guy in photo? Let’s talk about why I love it and how I made it.

Why I Love It

There are so many things to love about this image! We moms cherish a sweet photo like this with our littles? I am usually not a prop photographer but the ladder is the perfect touch along with the plaid to give it a rustic feel. Pro tip – The ladder does a great job of putting the boy and his mom on the same level and this promotes a more intimate feel.

Of course the sweet little smooch makes this extra special. It’s a special moment and mom with love it for ever and ever. Especially when little man is all grown up.

And lastly, I love it because the important parts, mom and little guy, are perfectly highlighted against a dark backdrop. All the focus is on the adorable sweetness.

You can see the rest of this rustic fall session here.

How it Was Made

We were at this lovely rustic barn so I placed mom and her boy in the frame of the doors to the bard. This way the light hit them but fell off in the background to create that spotlight. It was a slightly overcast day so the light was soft and flattering. I directed these cuties to simply hang out together and chit chat. All I had to do was wait for the right moment.

Nikon D850 -85mm – ISO 800 – F/3.2 – 1/500

Mommy and her Little Guy in a Photo rustic

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