Now Offering Transformative One on One Mentoring for Photographers

I often get requests to teach people photography. Naturally, I love the opportunity to share my years of accumulated knowledge. In light of this, I am now prepared to offer a variety of options for those of you that are itching to learn everything you can about photography. Introducing transformative one on one mentoring for photographers.

Maybe you are a dedicated mom or dad who wants to document your family’s journey with meaningful images. Or maybe you are looking for a creative outlet. Lastly, you might be a business owner who needs to be able to take quality images for your social media content. In all cases, I’m your girl. I work with you until you master the mechanics of your digital slr camera all the way through making your images stronger and more meaningful using the principles and techniques of the art of photography.

For nineteen years, I have been on my photography journey. Furthermore, I have been getting paid to take photos for the last ten. Because of workshops, practice, critiques, and trial and error, I possess teams of relative knowledge. I’m bursting with information and I want to pass that on to you.

There is an immense amount of information available to make you a better photographer. But figuring out which of that information will best serve you can be tedious and confusing. Let me make it easy by offering the most important material in a way that will best serve you. Reach out to me here to get started today.

In effect, there are several options to choose from to get started or continue your photography journey. Let’s go over a quick breakdown of each option.

Open Q & A

In this case, we will meet in person or via video chat. By all means, you control the topics of conversation. Ask me about anything in the realm of the art or business of photography and I will answer with as much helpful detail as possible. This is a great option if want to know about various aspects of photography and aren’t sure where to begin.


Maybe you have a decent handle on how to use your camera effectively and now you are ready to take your images to the next level with editing. However, you are not sure how to go about that. Again, we can get together or meet via video chat. But either way, we will start with what you know and move on to where you would like to be with your editing. I am happy to share everything I know about Lightroom and Photoshop and how to get an artistic polished final look.

See How It’s Done

Now this is the hands-on approach. In order to show you exactly how a portrait session happens, come along with me on an actual client portrait session. Some of us learn best by seeing so come see how I do it. See how I interact with clients, how I direct them, and where I place them in relation to the light. In the end, you will see exactly how I achieve that natural breezy heartfelt look. In addition, after the session, we will have an hour-long debrief to answer any questions that arise.

Portfolio Review

Equally important in your development as a photographer, is getting feedback on your work. Provided that you have been shooting for a while, have a grasp on your editing style, and have a portfolio of work, constructive criticism is priceless. In my experience, it has been the single most helpful thing in my evolution of style. Fresh eyes will see things you just can’t. Additionally, I can point out your strengths and guide you toward what to work on. This is where you really level up.

With all of this in mind, I look forward to the opportunity to be a small part of your photography journey. Truly, I enjoy nothing more than talking shop with fellow photographers. It’s always a great time. So let’s have a great time together and make you, and me, better photographers all the while.

One on One Mentoring Options

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