Adorable Little Cousins Playing on the Beach at Sunset

Why I Love it

What I love about this adorable little cousins playing on the beach at sunset photo is the nostalgia that it invokes. You see, it makes me feel something. It has a snapshot feel in that it captured a natural moment. Moreover, as we look at it, we can actually place me at the scene. We feel the warm summer breeze and the grainy sand below my feet and hear the kids chatting and giggling.

In addition, I love how the lifeguard stand and where the kids happen to be standing create a triangle. This is very desirable in photos. Whereas I usually prefer the kids to be dressed in coordinating neutrals so as not to be distracting, I don’t mind the colorful tye-dye in the situation. It really adds to the snapshot feel.

How I Made it

This session really was about letting the family simply be together, especially the kids. Cousins of that age naturally play together effortlessly so it was just a matter of letting things happen and capturing the moment.


The sun was low in the sky but bright – ISO 320. I wanted to make sure all the kids were in focus and they were moving about so my aperture is f/5.6. From there I set the shutter speed to properly expose the image according to the internal light meter of the camera. 1/200 sec.

This session is from 2015. That was eight years ago! But this image has remained one of my favorites. You can see the rest of the session here. And here is another example of a session with lots of cousins.

All in all, this image is truly natural breezy heartfelt; exactly what I always strive for.

Adorable Little Cousins Playing on the Beach at Sunset Favorite Friday

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