Light and bright family photos in the studio made stunning pieces of wall art. You may take a ton of photos on our phones but do you have your family photos on your walls. I meant isn’t it better to see those special images everyday so that they can make you smile?

What is great about this beautiful style of family photos is that it really gels with popular interior design styles these day. Organic modern, farm house, Scandinavian, minimalism and traditional are all great hosts for the light and bright look.

I love the combination of white, cream and light grey on white backdrop in the studio with all that natural light. It really allows the people to be the focus. The clothes still help the image feel special but don’t distract in any way. So use this session as a blueprint when putting outfits together. Because when combined with happy faces and cozy poses, the result is very special.

Your first thought may be to wait for warm weather so you can hit the beach or a park, but don’t overlook a light and bright family session in the studio too quickly. It may be exactly what your walls, and your heart, need. Here is another gorgeous example of a family studio session.

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