Warm Family Photos at Home in the Cold Winter

Long Island has unpredictable winters. It could be 50 and sunny or it could be a severe nor’easter on any given day. Consequently scheduling family photos outside in the winter months is risky to say the least. I have the solution for you; warm family photos at home!

The Good

There are so many good reasons to book an in-home session. First of all, I come to you. That saves you time and energy. I remember what’s it like to get a family ready, out the door, in the car, and to a location happy and and awake.

Secondly, everyone is more relaxed at home. Kids are in familiar surroundings and hear their favorite lovey or toy. Snacks are never more than a few feet away. And same goes for a bathroom.

Another great reason to stay at home for family photos is that home is special. Think of all the memories you make in those walls, and all the memories still to come. When you look back at the photographs, the sight of your front door, or kitchen table, or your toddler’s little bed will flood you with memories of good times. It’s meaningful.

Things to Consider

People are often weary about using their house in the photos. They think it has to be palatial and in the running for the cover of Architecture Digest. It does not.

On the other hand, there are a couple of things you can do to get your space ready. One thing is to declutter. Go ahead and put as much away as possible and I will not judge you if you hide things in closets. Another you can do is open all the window coverings and clear anything that might be blocking light coming into the house. It does not have to be the whole house by the way. Pick just a couple of rooms.

In my experience, the master bedroom, the nursery, the living room, and sometimes the kitchen are great spaces to create portraits.


This absolutely adorable family is the perfect example. It was cold outside and baby is little, so keeping it at home was the right call. So many sweet family moments full of cuddles and laughs. Pure perfection if you ask me. You can compare in-home to a studio sessing by checking out this studio session here.

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