Oh gosh. I freaking love these playful family photos with a sweet toddler. It’s one of those times when everything comes together perfectly. For instance, the family is perfection. Mom and dad are so gentle and easy to be around. And baby boy could not be more of a delight. My mom genes were in full force. I wanted to be this cutie’s adopted auntie. I could easily spend a bunch of time playing with my little friend. Last year he was only a few months old and even then, he was a dream. Check him out as a new baby here.

The light and weather were spectacular. I always try to schedule my sessions in late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky. That is how we get that golden back lighting that evokes an emotive response to an image. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for a client to schedule at the perfect light time and sometimes there is cloud cover which changes the look entirely. Those sessions can also be great but late afternoon back light will always be my sweet spot.

My Approach

My philosophy for shooting with little ones is pretty simple. First of all, they run the show. If they are pissed off, we are all screwed. So we do what we need to do to keep baby happy. Sometimes that means lots of breaks and freedom to toddle about. And sometimes that falls right in line to the second part of my approach; lots and lots of family cuddles. I find that, the closer the family is in proximity and the more interaction amongst them, for sure, the better the final images. That is how I am able to capture real moments of love and connection.

Gear and Settings

Camera: Sony A7iv Lens: 24-07 2.8 Settings: It was late in the day so ISO was at 800. I kept the Aperture around 3.5 for the group and because toddlers move and the Shutter Speed varied depending what direction the subjects were facing.

The Photos

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