I have had a few families recently welcome beautiful new additions! One is this little guy, who has the most adorable cheeks for days! Damn you, COVID, for keeping me away from kissing and squeezing those little cheeks 😉 (I am just kidding, I promise I don’t squeeze and kiss the babies I work with!) But a fun trend that I have noticed is that families are bringing along their firstborn: their fur babies! I love this ideas, because I also had a special fur baby before my first human babe, and I remember how important it was to me that they were included.

All in all, this adorable baby boy, handsome fur baby, and the sweetest young parents made this session pure magic. The trees were gorgeous, and the light was gently peeking through the trees.  These photos were truly special, and I can’t get over how alert that little baby was. Pure magic!

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