These two.  I could follow them around and photograph their sweet playful relationship all day long! There is always something about the bond between a mama and her daughter.  My time with them is never short of giggles and good times. They chose coordinating blues, white and cream outfits, and it sure matched the gorgeous sky and brought out their stunning cerulean eyes.

This particular September summer evening was pretty much perfect; warm, breezy, and blue skies everywhere you look.  “K” was full energy and took her mom and I on a little adventure.  We checked out this cool little lake from the storm surge, crazy sand circles (like crop circles but in the sand), and played in the grassy dunes.  Mom and “K” for sure made great memories and beautiful art for their walls all at the same time. My photo sessions are about much more than just “getting that shot”. I’ve met both photographers and parents who are obsessed with getting the “perfect shot”, and they miss out on what could be a day of memories and joy. Wouldn’t you rather look back on the day of the shoot and have delightful memories come flooding back? I strive for the highest quality portraits, but also that my subjects leave with smiles on their face. Then, you’ll have both fine-art photos for your wall, as well as memories to treasure in your heart.

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