I was a little giddy about this shoot! Little girls love to play dress up and pose, and that sounded like the perfect photoshoot to me! Little Miss “A” and I went to town with the dress-up and posing, and we captured every part of her personality. She had lots of sass, playfulness, and sweetness, and I got to document it all. There is a lot of personality in that adorable little package! I’m so glad both her and her parents will have these fun photographs to remind them of this time in her life..I picture them sitting in a circle someday, reminiscing about how cute she was when she was seven!

Not every family or children’s photoshoot has to be marking a milestone, or celebrating something like a new baby or event. In fact, the most meaningful photographs are sometimes the ones that catch the everyday life through the eyes of your child. Coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles, dressing up, playing pretend…these are all moments that could become precious photoshoots. Of course the posed and more formal sessions are really beautiful, but letting your little one run down the beach uninhibited is just breathtaking! That’s why my sessions are often lifestyle sessions, ones that really capture your family “as is”.

Book today with me, so we can capture the everyday moments!

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