It’s not crazy for a photographer to get nervous when they are about to photograph a toddler.  Toddlers are know for, let’s say…having their own agenda.  Well, as for me personally, I love my time with my knee high friends.  Their little personalities are really blossoming at this age.  They can’t help but be themselves.  This means that I have every chance in the world to get it all on camera: the sweet, the feisty, the ornery, the absolutely adorable, the playful, the shy, and everything in between.  Sometimes we think we want the perfect photo with everyone smiling at the camera, but moms, when we our kids are grown and we look back to when they where tiny, we are going to love seeing all sides of their personalities and smile at the memories of how they really kept us on our toes (and always running after them!). This energetic little one loved the bubbles!

All of this is true for this sweet fun family session with an urban spin.  This little sweetheart had me mesmerized with her charming expressions and her absolute wonderment at the world around her.  She is so curious and intelligent.  I just loved watching her simply be with her doting mom and dad.  And it was pure joy capturing all of her many different expressions. These were a bit of a departure from my beachy, sunlit shoots, but beautiful memories can be made anywhere, and the vision of every client can be brought to life! Maybe your family hates the beach, and can’t imagine a session wading around the ocean…We can scope out the perfect spot for you, I promise!


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