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Street Art Across the World | Inspiration

I’ve found my new obsession: street art on Pinterest! I’ve always had a thing for murals, so I have fallen in love with the idea of an artist decorating the world with their vision and inspiration. Street art, to me, is a way to stop and smell the roses. The urban appeal catches your attention, […]

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If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, thank you! I sure love that you follow along on my journey to always improve my craft and offer some of the best images around…I love the families, children and special events I get invited into. I never take it lightly that my clients […]

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My Personal Photography Project for 2016

My Favorite Photographs of 2015 | Year End Review

There are a million reasons I fall in love with an image.  Honestly, some of MY favorite images are rarely my client’s favorite images. This actually makes sense, because we have different perspectives. I rarely look for the “perfect” perception of a photograph…I do look at lighting, composition, expression and color, but I always go […]

Rediscovering Film Photography

Rediscovering Film Photography | Long Island Natural Light Portrait Photographer She’s here!  My very special new friend arrived in the mail today.  No I’m not getting a mail order bride.  My new bestie is a Nikon FM circa 1980.  She is a film camera.  Now I haven’t worked a film camera in over fifteen years […]