I’ve found my new obsession: street art on Pinterest! I’ve always had a thing for murals, so I have fallen in love with the idea of an artist decorating the world with their vision and inspiration. Street art, to me, is a way to stop and smell the roses. The urban appeal catches your attention, and you take a moment to enjoy it. Some of the street art is edgy, some is pretty and cute, and some make a political or social statement. I’ve noticed sometimes the art is commissioned, but sometimes it just shows up, making it technically graffiti. This happens to be the most appealing to me, because it’s a bit rogue and mysterious! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite Pinterest posts that I’ve come across. In the future, I’d love to go on a street art scavenger hunt and photograph this amazing and creative works of art.

Here are just ten of my favorite works of art from all over the world (click the image for the link to the pin!)

Street Art Girl Watering stree Street art of white water rafting Boy looking through magnifying glass street art street art painting of girl reading book with butterflies coming out of it street artist from greece women painted onto stairs tromp l'oil style Spanish street art sculpture like street art street art in Brazil street art yarn bombing yarn bombing street art Magda Sayeg


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