I seem to have started a pattern of posting monthly about my personal travel, so why not continue the trend? I love traveling because of the fresh insight it brings to my craft and how it always inspires me to be better. This trip was one I took for my best friend’s wedding in Colorado. We stayed at this rustic, earthy hot springs haven called Avalanche Ranch in Redstone, CO. This ranch is absolutely gorgeous, and is built around the natural landscape and rocks in Crystal River Valley. There are three natural hot springs that cascade into each other, and it’s sooooo relaxing! I wouldn’t be surprised if a visitor started looking for Colorado ranches for sale! Plus, this place has so many amazing rivers, we also made sure to spend some time visiting a few. It’s really a gorgeous place. Some of the rivers even had places to get river tube rentals. This meant that the kids were able to float down the river, allowing them to see more of Colarado. That looked fun.

It was the perfect, most beautiful place to retreat and relax with some of my favorite people in the whole world. We were truly in our own little world those few days, and the doors to our cabins were just yards from each other. When you live day to day, thousands of miles from your best friends, it is very meaningful to be there…a real treat. The kids were free to roam around and play barefoot in the dirt, and all the adults were able to spend quality time together!

Oh, and the scenery was out of this world. Everywhere you looked, the view was epic. It’s clear to see why so many people move to Colorado, it’s such a peaceful place and the people are so welcoming. One of my friends moved over here recently, and I’m a bit jealous. I remember her getting in touch with the colorado springs realtor who helped her to find her dream home. It was such a lovely house and she seems so happy over here. We’ll definitely have to come over for more visits, Colorado has really opened my eyes to some beautiful scenery. I hope these pictures do it justice. Thanks for following along with my travels!

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