I’m gonna be real honest here; if there’s one situation that makes me a little bit nervous, it’s large extended family sessions. However, this sweet and beautiful group of people were SO incredibly lovely, I didn’t even break a sweat! And yes, you’re counting right…those are ELEVEN darling combined kiddos. There were three under the age of one, but these parents are total rockstars and were incredibly helpful, gracious, and kind; that made the session go super smoothly. They all wore pretty shades of blue and whites, which made for a clean and polished feel that had a sense of cohesion to it. I loved the outfits on the little ones, especially the tiny babes in those little chambray tunics and miniature mary-jane shoes!

A very, very special thank you goes out to Dee’s Nursery of Oceanside for allowing our troop to utilize their beautiful nursery full of gorgeous blooming flowers.  It was raining cats and dogs outside, and some family members were arriving that day and leaving later that day, so time was of the essence, and this nursery gave us the backgrounds and space we needed to have a perfect shoot. Of course, with kids, you don’t get EVERY shot with gleaming smiles and perfect poses, so I had to include the gem at the bottom for the sake of full disclosure. I hope it brings a smile to your face today!

Planning a family reunion soon? Be sure to book a date with me soon so we can capture your entire family!

extended family at Dee's Nurserymom and her twinsblack and white family photobrother and sisters at Dee's Nurseryfamily of six at Dee's Nurserymom and her kids at Dee's Nurserybaby resting on mom's shoulderfamily of five at Dee's NurserySmiling baby in daddy's armsMom, Dad, and grown kids photoFamily of three at Dee's NurseryFamily session at Dee's NurseryHaar01 Oceanside extended family photos unhappy grandkids

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