I know I’ve been sharing lots of personal projects and new inspiration here on the blog…it must be the summer of learning for me! I have a new interest in my work in the visual arts, which actually isn’t that surprising considering my photography. I have been taking a course called Make Films with Xanthe Berkeley. (Find her here)  I am so inspired!  I have found that when it comes to documenting my kids and our family life, something was missing.  Some photographers are killer at the documentary thing (like my friend Lauren at LKSquared Photography).  Videography is an art form in itself, and I just felt I did not have the eye for it.

So, what happens is I get a million portraits of my kids when really you only need a handful of great portraits a year, and a few environmental portraits a month.  These little movies are the perfect answer!  They tell a story and have an artistic point of view.  I make a one minute movie and then a 15 second version for Instagram.  The result is a very cool time capsule of family life.  I highly recommend the class.  It’s very affordable, at about a hundred dollars and Xanthe really makes it fool-proof.  If you need further evidence, check out the first few movies I made below.  I am only  few lessons in so I hope to get a lot better at this! It is the perfect combination for me of movement and creativity!



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