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Long Beach Family Photographer grandparents and grandkids on the beach

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The whole purpose of family photos is to create an image that will forever show the special dynamic and connection that each family has within itself.  There are so many little intricacies between dad and the youngest, and mom and the oldest, and big brother and little sister.  The way sis giggles at everything brother […]

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These two.  I could follow them around and photograph their sweet playful relationship all day long! There is always something about the bond between a mama and her daughter.  My time with them is never short of giggles and good times. They chose coordinating blues, white and cream outfits, and it sure matched the gorgeous […]

Oceanside Kids In Home Photos | Long Island Natural Light Portraits

Oceanside Kids In Home Photos | Long Island Natural Light Portraits With all of this heavy winter weather we’ve been having here lately, it’s hard to want to do anything but hang out in PJ’s, snuggling in bed.  So what better situation to document and keep for posterity?  In-home portrait sessions are a fabulous option […]