A few times this year, I’ve gotten a very thoughtful call from a young (but grown-up) daughter who is planning a special gift for her mom. This always makes me extra-happy! As a mom, I know I’d love such a thoughtful gift…it’s one that will truly be appreciated and loved for years to come. This daughter contacted me to capture photos of her and her brothers, all at least college age. This is an age and season of life that is often overlooked for family photos, but one that is important nonetheless. It’s often a short window of time before young people are growing up, moving away to college or other pursuits, or getting married and having children of their own.

Wondering HOW to surprise mom with such a session? I know that moms tend to have a sixth sense about surprises, but it can be done! Just contact me to book your own session, and we can dream up how to keep it under wraps. Consider portraits for an unique Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or birthday present that she will absolutely love. Better yet, book them early and turn them into beautiful, heirloom quality products that will stand the test of time. I hope the mama who received these really, really loves them, and I hope she knows she raised some outstanding young people, including one very thoughtful daughter.

CONTACT ME to find out how to book your session. 

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