Sometimes, I have to genuinely hold back a few tears when I think about all the milestones and memories I’ve been the one to capture. I’ve photographer brand new babes, blooming families, ready-t0-leave-the-nest seniors, and people celebrating decades of marriage. I’ve captured I do’s, first steps, and walks along the beach. I just feel super thankful for all that I’ve been able to experience alongside my clients! This beautiful family below is getting ready to send off their young people, spreading their wings into the world, and I was so glad to get to create these images in Millstone Township, New Jersey.

I especially love this first photo, and the way the sun is streaming through the trees, and creating that dreamy, hazy look. I also love the genuine happiness that they had; happy to just be together. It was a treat for mom to have everyone together, and I know she will treasure this beautiful portrait for years to come. It truly encapsulates how their family was, at this moment in their lives. It won’t be long now until these gorgeous kids are moving away from home, getting married, and having their own children. That’s why I always emphasize how important it is to have family photos done each year, if not more frequently. It goes by so fast!

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Millstone NJ Family Photographer trees in the backgroundMillstone NJ Family Photographer family with grown kidsMillstone NJ Family Photographer the boysMillstone NJ Family Photographer the grown kidsMillstone NJ Family Photographer on the porchMillstone NJ Family Photographer walking and talkingMillstone NJ Family Photographer close upMillstone NJ Family Photographer in the backyardMillstone NJ Family Photographer by the pool

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