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Special Occasion Family Portraits at the Bailey Arboretum

Well, after months and months of elastic waist pants, old tee-shirts and bedroom slippers, I think we are all ready to get dressed up and feel a little glamorous, right? There is not a better occasion to celebrate with family than a bat mitzvah, and this family has been anticipating this day for many months. […]

Fourteen Year Old Guy Portraits

When you first have children, you assume you will love your own children to pieces, but what no one tells you about becoming a mother or a part of a parenting community, is how much love you will have for the other children in your life as well. I have been so lucky to watch […]

Little Family Trio at the Park

There is something happy and content about a bustling young family. They have energy and joy, and are excited about the future. I get such joy watching mom and dad dote on their little girl, and I remember well that feeling of purpose and wonder that comes with loving a sweet baby that changes your […]

High School Senior Portraits

Many of us parents, as we speak, are in the process of our babies leaving the nest! What an unique time of our lives, when we are getting ready to send those high school seniors off on their own in just a few months. It is a time filled with lots of big feelings and […]

Professional Headshot Session

The colors you wear really make such a difference! I have noticed that some people really know what colors work for them, and when they were them, they shine! They are totally radiant. That was the case for this gorgeous gal. She knew that jewel-toned green was amazing on her, and it WAS! When we […]

Men’s Headshots

Before I began doing headshots as a big part of my business, I had mistakenly thought they would be boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I now really love being one on one with a client in the studio, and getting to capture their personality. There are no distractions with headshots, no fancy tricks, […]

Sweet Sixteen Session

I have a very vivid memory of when I turned sixteen, and a random lady I met told me to, “Enjoy being sixteen, because you’ll be forty before you know it”. I remember thinking that was such a cheesy, cliche thing to say. Cheesy or not, now I know that the well-meaning lady was totally […]

Family Photos | Formal Communion Portraits

This is yet another stellar example of a Mom who wanted to celebrate a special occasion with gorgeous family portraits! She opted for a more formal look, and I can barely stand how absolutely stunning they are. I felt a little like I was photographing a celebrity family. Is it a little unfair how good-looking […]

Zoom-Mitzvah Celebration Photos

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how to treasure the people in our lives and the moments that come with them, and to be creative! This shoot really encompassed both of those things. This was a bat mitzvah that was certainly not what the family had envisioned, but they made the most of […]

Bar Mitzvah Portraits | Long Island Photographer

This guy was about to celebrate such a special day, and his mom wanted some special portraits to display at the party and celebration. Well, I was more than happy to oblige. We had so much fun together creating these images, and this guy and his brother were a dream to work with. I have […]