My Little Cousins are Seniors

How did this happen?! My cousins are somehow seniors in high school, and time is a thief. I grew up in a town called Valparaiso Indiana. I moved away from my home town and all my family in 1998!  I have now lived in NY for as long as I lived in Indiana.  That’s crazy to […]

Oceanside NY Senior Photos

That summer after high school and before the college experience starts may be one of the most exciting times of a young person’s life. I mean, the potential and possibilities of what your life is going to be is endlessly vast! It’s also the perfect time to document who you are as a person with […]

High School Senior Beach Photos

She’s finally a senior! What an interesting/challenging year of high school it has been. It’s usually the year that you have the most fun with the best friends and work the hardest planning the following year. This gorgeous young lady is balancing school, a job, her acrobatic cheer team, and applying to the colleges of […]

High School Prom Photos

Oceanside High School Prom

Cheerleader Senior Portraits

This stunning high school graduate asked me to take some photos of her in her cheer uniform, and I couldn’t have been more excited! Right after this session, she was going to be turning in her uniform, for the very last time. So, she wanted special portraits to commemorate the four years and many milestones […]

High School Senior Portraits

Many of us parents, as we speak, are in the process of our babies leaving the nest! What an unique time of our lives, when we are getting ready to send those high school seniors off on their own in just a few months. It is a time filled with lots of big feelings and […]