That summer after high school and before the college experience starts may be one of the most exciting times of a young person’s life. I mean, the potential and possibilities of what your life is going to be is endlessly vast!

It’s also the perfect time to document who you are as a person with a fun and stylish photo shoot that celebrates who you are.  It is so much fun to take a high school senior out with my camera and spend some time together.  I love hearing about their plans and dreams.  And I get to catch them in a moment when they are feeling all that furor of the joy of the recent graduation and ending of what has been their childhood in it’s entirety with the unknowns of life moving forward.

This recent graduate came looking gorgeous and ready to start her life adventure.  I just love confidence these images exude and I know that one day, she will show her kids and grandkids what she looked like as a high school graduate in the year 2022.

I wish her the best and I know her journey will be fun and hard and meaningful and all the things that life is.

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