This is a more personal post than some of my others, because my baby girl has graduated high school! I guess she’s not a baby anymore, which is hard to believe! She is having the time of her life, before she heads off the Barnard College next month. it’s an exciting thing, but also one that’s life-changing.

I had considered getting her one of the most beautiful diploma frames in which she could keep her graduation certificate as a graduation gift, but it so appears that she wanted me to get her some additional gifts as well! Anyway, we can talk about that another time. Let’s just look at her pictures for the time being. It’s photos from her prom! She certainly looks stunning, but it’s incredible how quickly she has grown up.

I know there are many moms and children experiencing this same milestone right now, but it feels like her and my life will never be the same! It’s one of those moments that feels a bit cliche, and that maybe I rolled my eyes after before, because I hadn’t gone through it yet. It changes the landscape of your life, no matter how exciting and happy you are (and we are!). She is starting her journey into adulthood, and will be consciously going in new directions, chasing her big dreams and making those adult decisions. My life is shifting now from kid-focused, with every day being dedicated to their needs, to having a little more time for me. It’s a concept I thought I would handle in stride, but it is actually proving to be more difficult than I imagined!

I will share more about my foray into being a mom of grown-up kiddos, but for now, I want to enjoy and soak up just how happy and amazing my sweet girl looked and felt for her senior prom. I love knowing she will be able to look back on these for the rest of her life, and feel wonderful about this special time.

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High School Prom Photos

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