This stunning high school graduate asked me to take some photos of her in her cheer uniform, and I couldn’t have been more excited! Right after this session, she was going to be turning in her uniform, for the very last time. So, she wanted special portraits to commemorate the four years and many milestones that this uniform represents. Isn’t that so special?

I love that she had the emotional IQ to know that this would truly be meaningful in the years to come, and to be able to look back on these photos will be such a gift! I love that these show just what being 17 looks like, and it showcases how all her accomplishments. There’s no better place for a cheerleader than their home away from home: the football field!┬áThe school mural, the scoreboards, the stands, the turf, it all adds so much nostalgia and really paints that image of being a high school cheerleader.

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