Three Easy Ways to Display your Favorite Family Photos

Three Easy ways to display your favorite family photos leslie levine photography

Big Move?

I know that many of you have caught wind that my family and I were trying to move out of state this summer.  Weeellll, things did not go according to plan and I am still here. I was so excited about this move.  My oldest is going off to college in a couple of weeks […]

Modern Teen Portraiture | New York Fine Art Photography

teen magazine style photo shoot

Sweet Sixteen | New York City Portrait Photographer

new york city teen photographer 09

13th Birthday | Teen Sessions | New York Photographer

I’m pretty sure that I have previously expressed how much I love photographing teens… at least once or twice (please humor me and pretend this is the first time!)  You would think the Selfie Generation would be immune to the impact of photography, no matter how great,  just because of sheer exposure.  However, I would […]

Birthday Party Photo Shoot | Oceanside Photographer

Girls Birthday Party Photo Shoot | Oceanside Portrait Photographer You know that age? The age where she starts to worry about how her hair looks and what outfit she is going to wear? The age where she still gets really goofy, but starts showing her sophisticated side as well? Well, I love this age. It […]