I know that many of you have caught wind that my family and I were trying to move out of state this summer.  Weeellll, things did not go according to plan and I am still here.

I was so excited about this move.  My oldest is going off to college in a couple of weeks and my youngest is starting high school and off doing his own thing, much of the time.  I am not quite an empty nester but definitely staring at the next phase of my life square in the face. It’s a time of transitions.

This was going to be my opportunity to start shifting my day-to-day life habits, from the kids needs and obligations to designing my life around my (and my husband, don’t want to forget about him lol) wants and desires.  We chose Boulder, CO so that we were always minutes from trail heads and various outdoor activities.  I was going to get an electric bike and move away from being car dependent to taking advantage of Boulder’s famous bike trails to commute and run errands.  I had my first 10 weekend trip destinations lined up in my head.  I was going to have time to grow my own food and see live music on the regular.  I had it all built up in my head as reuniting with that crunchy, granola hippie, free spirit that I was at twenty years old!

But as they say, “Man makes plans and God laughs.”  So here I am, still on Long Island, faced with a huge disappointment of proportions I have never experienced.  I’m not going to lie.  I had a dark couple of weeks where I wallowed in the setback.

But, thankfully, I am incapable of staying in a dark place.  I can’t help but be positive and hopeful.  So, instead of being mad at the world, I decided to focus on bringing things into my life right here and now that will bring me the kind of fulfilling contentment I was hoping to get from a geographical move.  That means spending more time with people I truly enjoy.  Doing things that are fun.  Saying yes more often to adventures, both small and large.

I’ve decided that I will start living the life I want now so that when I do get to move and start fresh, I will already have developed the muscle that allows me to be the person I have envisioned for my third act.

Faced with the prospect of moving away from the place I have built my business over the last 9 years, I started thinking about all the wonderful people I have encountered over the years that have trusted me to photograph their family and loved ones.  I appreciate you all so much!  Because of you, I’ve been able to both do something creative that I love and makes me happy, and have the flexibility to be around for my kids more than a traditional 9-5 allows.  Both things mean the world to me

With the last 9 years in mind, I thought it would be fun to do a few now and thens with my special client families.  Take a look!

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