A Heart Warming Family Photo in Black and White

This week’s Favorite Friday is a heart warming family photo in black and white is everything I strive to craft in my photography.

Let me tell you why I love it so. First of all, this image feels like a real moment in this family’s story. The black and white strip away the distractions of the setting and color story. The image is distilled down to its core elements.

I would say timeless is an accurate description. You know at one time, we only had black and white photos. So when we strip color from a modern day image, it instantly takes on a history and authenticity.

Additionally, authenticity and timelessness are what I always strive to achieve when creating portraits. I want your images to stand the test of time and make generations smile. Lastly, I want the portraits to pull those heartstrings. By all means, you should get the feels. Likewise, take a look at last week’s Favorite Friday here.

a heart warming family photo in black and white beach

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