Let me tell you why I love this cozy heartfelt family photo. My tagline is natural breezy heartfelt. These words both reflect my personality and what I strive to exude in my portraits.

Markedly, those words are achieved in this image. There is nothing more natural than when a mom has all of her kids within arms reach. The way the kids are melted into each other is so endearing. The perfect snuggle moment of which we never get enough.

Next, breezy is the perfect way to describe the atmosphere in the image. The sun is peaking in over the hedges and everyone has a soft and sweet expression.

Lastly, the photo gives us all the feels. It’s such a heartfelt moment that mom will cherish forever. Furthermore, I can just picture it on the wall in the family room where mom will smile every time she catches a glance.

Mission accomplished! All of these reasons are why this is this week’s Favorite Friday Photo. Check out last week’s Favorite Friday here.

Why I Love This Cozy Heartfelt Family Photo natural breezy heartfelt

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