Adorable Big Sister and Baby Bump Family Photo

It’s a seminal event when the first baby becomes the big sibling. Therefore, this adorable big sister and baby bump family photo perfectly exemplifies why you should schedule family photos at this time. You want to capture big sister in all of her glory along with the promise of an adorable baby bump.

Why I Love It

There is so much to love about this photo. First of all, the way big sister is framed by her parents is adorable. A favorite tool I use is perspective. Go ahead and get down on the kids level. In effect, it’s a family photo with everyone including baby bump. However, the focus is on the cutie toddler. Additionally her expression is priceless! Lastly I love how this image is backlit. The sun highlights the family from behind in the most dreamy manner.

How it Was Shot

Albeit I am shooting on instinct at this point in my career, I do start with settings that are dependent on the situation. I want everyone in focus and place them in position for the backlight. The settings are as follows: ISO 500 130mm f/3.2 1/640 sec. You can see the rest of this super cute session here.

Adorable Big Sister and Baby Bump Family Photo toddler

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