A Happy 6th Birthday to Little Mr. Personality

Happy Birthday

I want to wish a happy 6th birthday to little Mr. Personality here. Notably, thank goodness mom brought him to the studio to celebrate since we had so much fun!

Typically, with these types of sessions with littles, the idea is to let them just do their thing. I give them different things to sit on and have them jump around and roll around. Thus I mostly keep them busy and happy. Consequently, once they get going, I don’t have to do much.

While it’s tempting to want to do a whole birthday setup for these sessions. But I find the simplicity of a cute outfit or two and a bright backdrop timeless. Also, the photos are much better for wall displays and gifts.

My little friend happily played up to the camera. He posed and goofed and played along with all my requests. All in all, mom has these great portraits that perfectly exemplify this little guy on his sixth birthday. Check out another little kid’s birthday session here.

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