Why I love this silly family photo.

It’s pretty obvious why I love this silly family photo on this Favorite Friday. First of all, you can’t look at this photo and not smile! It’s so funny!

So it all started because one of the girls was trying to photo bomb her parents. I told her to hold that thought while I finish up with mom and dad. Then I had the girls stagger in front and to the side of their parents. On the count of three they leaped across the photo creating this gem.

Of course I let my shutter go nuts so as to make sure to capture at least one image where I can see everyone’s face. Luckily it worked!


To make sure the motion was frozen and not blurry, I made sure my shutter speed was high. Also, we were outside on a sunny day in open shade. Lastly, I really only needed the girl in the front to be crisp and in focus. With all of that in mind, the settings on this image are as follows: ISO 640, f/3.2, 24 mm on my 24-70 lens, 1/1600th.

My hope is that mom loves it and that the girls smile every time they see it over the years. I know I will. Check out last weeks Favorite Friday here.

Why I love this silly family photo photo bomb

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