Funny Story

These warm and happy couple photos for cool December wedding have a funny back story. The bride’s sister heard about a Rabi marrying couples on the radio to raise money for a charity. Immediately she thinks of her dear sister. Primarily because she was engaged, and the kind of good spirited person who is up for such playful unconventional things. Naturally, that is exactly how these two lovebirds got married.

The Whole Family

Everyone gathered and got all dressed up for the big event. Therefore, it was the perfect time to snap those ever-important family group shots. Specifically, when the whole family looks great and is happy and excited, let’s grab all the frame-worthy combinations. Consequently, these will be memories for the whole family for years to come.

Happy Couple Photos

Happy lovey-dovey couple photos are my absolute favorite. The bride and groom are always so happy to spend some quiet time together amongst the excitement of the day. Every opportunity to snuggle and look into each other’s eyes is welcomed and celebrated. Even though I am third wheeling it, the happy couple barely notices me anyway. This is great because it means they are totally focused on each other. Hence the images radiate love and romance. I’m getting all the feels just thinking about it.

Pretty Light

Even though it was a cool December evening, the light was beautiful. We benefited from that warm glowing backlight coming through the winter trees. I absolutely love the way that photographs. These are framers for sure. Additionally, the album will be so lovely. Take a look! And you can see more gorgeous couple portraits here.

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