When friends and family visit my beloved New York, I always get excited. It allows me another opportunity to become a tourist! After all, I am just a girl from Indiana, and when friends visit, I get to see the city through the eyes of a small town girl again. New York is the most fun when I can get giddy with other out-of-towners.

Now, the actual logistics of getting true family photos in Times Square is a little bit tricky! Obviously the crowds usually fill the area, but we tried for 8am on a Sunday morning to get less people in our backgrounds. This fabulous family came all the way from Minnesota to get their dreamy shoot, and we did it! We got beautiful, modern and urban family photos for them to remember their trip by (how awesome are these colors??). Then, we made our way to the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park; actually, a part of the park I had never been to, so that was really cool. There is also a little lake called Harlem Meer that was home to many turtles, and fish too, apparently! I love the look on mom’s face in these…she is lovely, and radiant with love for her family. They were beautiful and so great to work with.

Coming to New York? I’d love to capture your family!

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