Actor Head Shots New York and Long Island

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Types of Headshots and How to Choose Which is Right for You

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It’s Headshot Season!

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Professional Headshots for Adults and Children

As I have shared before, there are many reasons to get your headshots done professionally. Maybe you’re a child trying to launch an acting career, a teenager entering professional dance competitions, or an adult starting a new career. Everyone can use a beautiful headshot where they feel amazing and confident, and no matter your age, […]

Professional Headshot Session

The colors you wear really make such a difference! I have noticed that some people really know what colors work for them, and when they were them, they shine! They are totally radiant. That was the case for this gorgeous gal. She knew that jewel-toned green was amazing on her, and it WAS! When we […]

Men’s Headshots

Before I began doing headshots as a big part of my business, I had mistakenly thought they would be boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I now really love being one on one with a client in the studio, and getting to capture their personality. There are no distractions with headshots, no fancy tricks, […]

Fine Art Teen Portraits by Long Island Photographer

Kids, kids, kids! They bring my soul such immense joy! Not just because I got to bust out the flower wall (my favorite!), but because they’re just so full of life and excitement and fun. Of course, this beauty made it pretty easy on me, because she is a natural in front of the camera. […]

Kids Headshots in Long Island | Acting and Modeling Headshots

We live in the era of big dreams. We are so lucky to live in a time and country when most of us are beyond worrying about the basic needs like food and shelter, and we are allowed to dream big, for both ourselves and our children. Life doesn’t have to be a straight timeline […]

Children’s Headshots in Long Island

Kids have such big dreams these days. It’s not enough to just love something these days, it seems that parents and their children have to be passionate and dedicated in such a competitive world. I love watching them pursue their big dreams, and feel grateful that on a micro-level, I get to help in a […]

Acting and Dance Headshots for Long Island and NYC teens

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