Pet Portraits on the Beach

This was such a fun session for me. First of all, I am an absolute dog person.  Love me some puppies – I have two myself and definitely see myself in the future with more space, more time, and many more dogs.  I come by it naturally, since at one point my mom had 5 […]

Long Beach Family Photos

This shoot was so much fun, and one of the easiest ones I have ever done. That’s because Mom and Dad brought along a secret weapon…this very special and secret weapon was the best tool any parents has ever used during a shoot to keep a toddler happy! It worked every time I even pointed […]

Morning Family Photos | Long Beach

There are rarely any takers on the early morning sessions, but when there are, it is the families with little ones. On one hand, it makes sense, because toddlers and babies are early risers! Up until age 12, mine would jump out of bed at 6:30am, because they were ready to go for the day! […]

Family Photos on Lido Beach

As a mother of one boy and one girl, I am always intrigued by the family dynamics of those with other combinations of kiddos. Especially the families with all boys…it is a bundle of energy and fun. I know that my boy is much more active and energetic than my girl, so I always imagine […]

Saying Goodbye to Beach Season, For Now

My favorite season is coming to a close, and we went out with a bang. The gorgeous day of mini sessions at The Ocean Club was just what we needed.  The families were so warm and friendly and it was such a successful day.  In addition to meeting so many lovely people, I got to spend […]

Beach Club Family Photos

If there was a formula for a perfect family session (don’t we all wish!), it would probably go something like this: First, get the perfect morning session on the beach with a picturesque grassy sand dune. Then, add in the most gorgeous light, peeking right over the dune, and lastly, add in an adorable family […]

Breezy Point Family Photos

One of my greatest joys is getting to know my client families, and it is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. These are people who I provably wouldn’t have crossed paths with if it weren’t for my camera, but I am so glad that I get to hear their stories. The other […]

Grown up Family Photos on the Beach!

I loved meeting this lovely family! I got a call recently, because these sweet grown-up sisters wants to create some special photos for their parent’s anniversary. What a sweet idea, and I loved getting to help them dream up what their parents would love. Originally, we were going to meet up at sunrise, and they […]

All White Beach Family Photos

Let me be honest with you for a moment: I usually try to talk people out of everyone wearing white for their family beach session. It brings back memories of 1990’s denim and white photos, that now look dated, and the sun reflects off pure white clothing, which makes it glaring sometimes. I recommend a […]

Family Photos at Lido Beach West

Lido Beach West Family Photos cloudy sky