I am going to tell you about this light and bright couple photo.

This photos is almost eight years old and it’s still one of my favorites and I am going to tell you why. The location was this cool spot way out east called Hallockville Museum Farm. It was rustic and charming and this photo was taken on the front porch.

I had them sit on different steps so that the height was staggered and they could gaze into each-others eyes. Next, I positioned them in the lower right corner of the rules of thirds and used the porch fence to show perspective.

Though I typically shoot in the evening close to sunset but that wasn’t an option for this session. It was around 10 am so the sun was high and bright. In this case, the sun position really added to the light and bright feel of the image. I just made sure to keep the couple’s faces in shaded and out of the harsh uneven light. Here are more light and bright photos taken when the sun was high in the sky.

Light and Bright Couple Photo Hallockville Museum Farm

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