This special cousins memory in black and white is one of my favorite personal photos I ever made.

We were visiting family in Florida several years back and my sister in law took us to one of her kids favorites spots. It’s this big swing on the bay side of a barrier island in the Indialantic Fl.

As we are all just hanging out, the kids started climbing on the swing. Serendipitously, it is such a natural moment. Each kid is situated perfectly. Favorably, the cement columns holding up the swing make the perfect frame. Additionally, the kids are shaded in soft even light and the bright water and sky in the background allow the kids to stand out. Of course black and white is an obvious choice for this image because it adds to the nostalgia of it all.

This image is such a hit with the family. Yes, there are several printed copies hanging on walls. These are all the cousins on one side of the family in a lovely artful image. A great example of no one looking at the camera but a meaningful depiction none the less. It’s up on my walls! And the kids are much much bigger now with the oldest two in college. So the image is only getting more meaningful with time. You can see a session with siblings in black and white here.

Special Cousins Memory in Black and White on a swing

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