Do I ever get tired of shooting photos in the city? Nope. I am always fully reminded that I am a mid-west girl from Indiana when I work in the city.  The wonder of it all never wears off!

I particularly love Madison Square Park because, well, the Flat Iron Building becomes a backdrop.  That’s pretty darn cool.  But also, they always have some interesting art installation going on.  This year it was Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest, which was “stark, leafless trees, sourced from the dying forest in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey”.  It was meant to inspire reflection and climate action.  Amazing.

So now, whenever I or the families look back at those family photos, we can be reminded of that art installation and it’s meaning.  I dig it.  Turns out the art exhibit is already down and the wood has been donated but these families, some of the coolest I know!) will have a piece of it to reflect on forever.

Speaking of some of the coolest families I know, I loved seeing these adorable families and spending a little time with them.  They showed up and showed out for their minis and we captured some really great family photos!

Leslie Renee Photography Flat Iron BuildingLeslie Renee Photography Manhattan FamilyLeslie Renee Photography mom and her girls Leslie Renee Photography NYC art instilation Leslie Renee Photography mom and her girlsLeslie Renee Photography kids pose Leslie Renee Photography family of four sitting pose Leslie Renee Photography posing boysLeslie Renee Photography family of four by treeLeslie Renee Photography Madison Square ParkLeslie Renee Photography mom and dad shotLeslie Renee Photography green and blue outfitsLeslie Renee Photography family at Flat Iron Building Leslie Renee Photography unposed Leslie Renee Photography using a tree to pose

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