I’ve always said that when you have cousins, you always have friends. Family gatherings are like one big party, and holidays are a mix of hilarious and hectic. Having cousins close in age to you, is like having more siblings, but without that sibling baggage! I always loved hanging out with my cousins when I was growing up, and I looked forward to every time we got together. They really were built-in friends.

This set of stylish cousins was so much fun to work with, and they knew how to work the camera! Mom wanted something a little different when it came to locations, so we chose something that had more of a grunge-feel and cool architectural details that added texture and depth to the images. The kids also had awesome outfits that looked like they were from a GAP ad. I loved the shimmering stars, cool ankle boots, and the sneakers and beanies. I also got lots of photos of each child individually, so their parents would have those to look back on, too. As you can see, we weren’t short on sass or smiles!

Long Island Cousin Photos tween poseLong Island Cousin Photos city kidsLong Island Cousin Photos grundgey backgroundLong Island Cousin Photos boy in plaid

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