Family of Six Beach Photos | Long Beach Photographer

Seven AM, you say? That’s crazy talk! Well, maybe not for this cool family! Not only did they brave the early hours, they also have FOUR kids and got them all ready, too! It’s not easy to convince families to be ready for photos at seven in the morning, but this gorgeous morning light was worth it. The kids did amazing, and were happy and kind to each other even in the early hours. We frolicked all over the beach, splashed in the water, and found nooks and crannies everywhere to elicit smiles and laughter from the whole family.

It’s a sincere joy to meet families like these. Ones where siblings love each other and are friends, and where parents are confident and joyful. It seems to be more rare these days, but families like this remind me that there is joy and life to be found, even (and especially when) you have little ones. Family photos don’t have to be stressful, forced, and frustrating. They really can be this happy and fun, I promise. I’d love to book a session with your family…remember that even every day moments are worth documenting!


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