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Modern Men’s Real Estate Headshots

Every once in awhile, a client comes in and reminds you that what you do is actually incredibly important. I say on my website that everyone has a story to tell, and that I love being the one to help tell it. Well, this handsome guy came with a story. It’s his story to tell, […]

Politician Headshot on Long Island

Politician Head Shots Long Island lean in

Head Shot Mini Session Scheduling

Proffesional Head Shots all Ages close up

Actor Head Shots New York and Long Island

Actor Head Shots Long island and NYC natural laugh

It’s Headshot Season!

Long Island New York Head Shots red lipstick

Acting and Dance Headshots for Long Island and NYC teens

Long Island Teen Head Shots dancer

Modern Headshots for Realtors

I don’t know about you, but I have been surprised at some of the realtor headshots I have seen around recently. Many are outdated, cheesy, and even downright unflattering. I don’t want to be mean spirited, but I do want to emphasize how important a first impression can be for someone shopping for a new […]

Why You Need Professional Headshots

If you’re trying to attract high-end, luxury clients in any business, a cute selfie on your cell phone is not going to cut it! You need headshots from a professional headshot photographer, and this is why: headshots are your first impression, and you only get one. You want people to view you as polished, professional, […]