Why I Love This Joyful Portrait of Mother and Child

It’s Favorite Friday so let me tell you why I love this joyful portrait of mother and child.

There is so much to love about this image. Specifically, it’s exactly the kind of image I strive to create for my clients. To illustrate, it’s a true moment between mom and daughter. That is, it reflects the joy and cheer that mom and little girl feel playing.

Of course, it’s the exact right time of day when the sun was low in the sky. Secondly, the location is a favorite of mine because the sun lights up the colorful fall foliage. Therefore the backdrop is a stunning fall setting with a pleasing aesthetic.

But the real stars of this image are mom and baby girl. Although, I gave very little guidance the two girls created the most perfect moment by simply being together. They played and laughed and the result is magic. It’s a dream come true when my subjects are relaxed and having a good time all for me to capture with my camera.

Luckily I have a lot of tricks to get client families to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, the camera picks up awkwardness and reluctance. Therefore it’s my job to get rid of those feelings. One thing I like to do is have them play together. Playing lets you forget about the camera. Boom! Goal achieved.

Furthermore, if natural breezy heartfelt portraits are what you are looking for, contact me here today so we can plan something perfect for you. And if you need more inspiration, check out this sweet family session.

Why I Love This Joyful Portrait of Mother and Child fall colors

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